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Event Registration

Undergrad Campus Visit

Please fill out this form to set up a customized campus visit. A confirmation email will be sent once the details have been finalized.
If you have any questions, please call our admissions office at (562) 903-4752.

Biola's Admissions office will close at 11am on Fridays throughout the summer. Please make selections accordingly.

If you are an organization wanting to visit us as a group, please schedule a group visit.

Please Note: Campus tours conducted by outside organizations without the knowledge or permission of the Biola Office of Admissions are not considered official university campus tours. Students participating in such tours will not be provided with a letter from Biola constituting excuse for absence from school ("school dismissal letter"). If you plan to participate in a tour conducted by an outside organization and wish to verify the organization's status with the university, please contact the Biola Office of Admissions.

Visit Details

The Admissions Office is open weekdays from 8:00 am–4:30 pm, except holidays.

Planning Your Visit

Please select activities that fit into the time frame you plan to stay on campus.

  • 1-2 Hours: Select 1-2 activities below
  • 2-3 Hours: Select 2-3 activities below
  • 3-4 Hours: Select 3-4 activities below
  • More than 4 hours: Check the time allotments and choose accordingly

Important: Rescheduling a visit that includes class visits and faculty appointments will require a new two-week notice.


Listed tour times cannot be adjusted.
Campus Tour
Upon Campus Opening: Tours offered at 9:00am, 11:00am, and 2:00pm
Tour is about 60-75 minutes so wear your walking shoes.
Nursing Department Tour
30-60 minutes
Lim Center Tour
30 minutes
This tour is for students who will declare a science as their major.
Tours during the spring semester are Monday through Thursday at 11:15am.
Cinema and Media Arts Tour
This tour is for students who will declare the Cinema & Media Arts Bachelor's degree.
FALL: Tours are Monday-Friday at 2pm.
SUMMER: (tentatively beginning June 8) tours are Monday-Thursday at 2pm and Fridays at 9:30am.


Appointment with Admissions Counselor
First-time Freshman-30 Minutes
Transfer-60 Minutes
An appointment may include financial aid and admissions information.
Faculty Appointment
Two-week's notice needed. 15-30 minutes
Faculty appointments are reserved for juniors, seniors and transfer students.
SUMMER: Most academic departments are closed during the summer; however, we can check!
Torrey Honors College
One week's notice needed. 30-60 minutes
The Torrey Honors College is the undergraduate honors program at Biola. Students from all majors are welcome to apply.
Stewart Science Honors Program
One week's notice needed. More information about the Stewart Science Honors Program.
Coach Appointment
Approx 30-60 minutes
All coaches require that you submit an online recruiting form prior to appointment.
Would you like to schedule a One-On-One lunch with a current student?
One week's notice needed. 60 minutes
This is for the visiting student only (NO PARENTS or SIBLINGS please) and not for overnight visits.
This is simply one-on-one lunch with a current student where the visiting student can ask questions about student life, dorm life, general academics, and more. We will not match students based on major.
Coffee with a Cinema Representative
Prospective Cinema Students: Meet with a representative from the Cinema department to have coffee and a snack at our coffee shop to discuss the program.
Coffee with a Business Representative
Prospective Business Students: Meet with a representative from the Business department to have coffee and snack at our coffee shop and discuss the program.

Biola Community Experiences

Attend a Sporting Event on Campus
Click here to view the schedule of athletic events. (One week's notice required--home games only)
Tour/appointment must be scheduled in order to receive free tickets.


Need transportation from the airport to Biola or a hotel?

Priority of Events

Which events or experiences of interest, in the list above, would be your greatest priority on your campus visit? Please specify your top 3, in order of importance.

Student Name & Email

To help our visit team plan your time at Biola, please enter contact information below. By providing this information, you are agreeing to receive emails and/or text messages from our visit staff.

Student Personal Information

Did either of your parents attend Biola?
I am currently serving OR I have separated and/or been discharged from the military.

Student Mailing Address

Academic Plans

First-Time Freshman:
Still in high school or HS graduate with less than 15 college credits earned

Graduated high school with more than 15 college credits earned

By submitting this form, I authorize and acknowledge these .


  1. I authorize Biola University to contact me via phone, text, email and/or mail
  2. I acknowledge that if Biola University contacts me via text message, message and data rates may apply
  3. I further acknowledge that I may opt-out of any of the preceding forms of communication at any time by contacting Biola University's Office of Admissions.